Sunday, April 3, 2016

My latest furry endeavor

My time does just fly by.  I could have sworn I posted last only a couple of weeks ago but see that it has been a month!  Way overdue.

On to my latest endeavor.  I visited a local alpaca farm a few years back and took a lot of pictures.  Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer, but I did find one that I could work with. 

The alpacas had just been shaved and they looked SO naked.  This little guy just drew me in. What I found that I  couldn't pass up was how adorable he looked with just a wild tuft of hair on the top of his head!

I cropped the photo to my liking and enlarged it.  The piece will be 12" x 12" .  I went through my stash of cut strips and pulled out what I think will work.  I'm determined to use up some of my cut strips, I have a bin full! 

So, here's my photo and my pile of strips!  Stay tuned to see what happens.


  1. We have a new hooker in our group who raises her own alpacas. For her very first project she hooked one of her favorite guys and it was just amazing - she even used some of his wool in the rug! Yours is also going to be wonderful!

  2. He does look very cute in his photo op. That topknot is hilarious.