Still Life Collection

Welcome to my Still Life Collection Gallery.

Over the past few months I have been dabbling in creating small life pieces. This came about after I was arm twisted by a good friend to take a painting class.  I had a blast!  We set up simple compositions and went to work.   Because I enjoyed painting these little pieces so much I decided to create some small rug hooked still life pieces and I'm just loving it.  Here they are.  As I continue to do more I will add them to this page.

Apple wedge 6" x 6"
Coffee, black with sugar please     6" x 6"
Solo Pear  6" x 6"   SOLD
Apple with Spoon  6" x 6" 
Eggs in Pottery Bowl   6" x 6"
Pear with Leaf   6"x 6"  SOLD
Pear with Apple  6" x 6"  SOLD