Friday, March 30, 2012

Yes, I'm still here...

I've been so busy in the past month getting prepared for a workshop I am teaching in the NC mountains, the beautiful town of Hendersonville.  It is just lovely here.  The workshop began yesterday.  I just finished up day two and have one more day to go.   The students have been all very enthusiastic and real troopers!  Though I do get some looks of uncertainty in their faces at times they forge ahead and for the most part trust me. I keep telling them they have to get enough hooked in before they can make a judgement that something just isn't working.  You can't make a judgement on something if there is no context to it. 

We have a real animal faire!  A dog, some goats, some sheep, a cow, and even some zebras!

Here's some pics of the gals at work.