Friday, February 1, 2013

To border or not to border...

I've decided to border.

At last post I was deciding whether or not to add a border to the current rug I was working on.  Well, I decided, it needs it.  I just felt it 'floated' without it.  I've got two sides done and it shouldn't take me much more time to finished the other two sides.  Straight line hooking goes pretty fast.

I'm not sure what I'll be working on next.  I'd like to get back to some animals so I'll have to pull out some of my reference photos and see what strikes my fancy.

Dad is back to about 95% now.  Much better but still gets tired easy.  At least we're not having to stay with him 24/7 anymore.  I call 2 times a day and stop over once a day.