Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rug retreat and kilim progress

Yes, it's been a long time since I last posted.  I've been in and out of town, dyeing wool, doing lots of yard work etc.  Life just gets in the way sometimes.

A couple of things to report.  First,  I got to the beach last weekend for our guild's annual retreat.  We had beautiful weather.  This was great for getting out and getting some fresh air but not so good for progressing on my rug.  However,  I have been working on it fairly steady and now am happy to say I've past the half way mark.  Yeah!  Here's the latest photo.

Here's a few of the gals at work.  As I said previously, the weather was a bit of a distraction.  When I took this photo I didn't realize how many of our group was out on the beach.

Lisa got a good amount done on her trout.  That's SOME trout!

One more fin and then to the background.

And here's Pat's very, very large floral.  It's at least 6' x 6'.
I had to stand on a chair with the camera way above my head to get this shot. Some really lovely leaves and flowers.