Friday, March 7, 2014

Time flies but winter just won't quit!

This is the longest, coldest, nastiest winter that I can remember since living in the south.  Everyone is just sick and tired of it and it just doesn't want to quit.  Being stuck inside one would think I would have gotten a lot done in the past 2 months since my last post.  I can't believe it's been 2 months.  Time flies but winter won't quit.

In these past months I have gotten a few things done.  I taught 2 beginning workshops. Had some nice thank you notes afterwards.  It's always nice to know your class was an enjoyable one.  I've already had one student finish their first piece and is ready to get going on the next one!  She's hooked.  I was so busy teaching I didn't get any pictures.  They were all great students and they caught on quickly.

I also have my advanced class going.  I do these in a 5 class block, once a week for 5 weeks.  We were supposed to have our last class today, an extended day as we were going to makeup for a snow day we had the second week.  Well, wouldn't you know it, mother nature slammed us again.  There has been sleet, freezing rain and now all rain. It has been going non stop since last night.  I do have a picture of Annmarie's ewe to show you.  She's just started but she'll move right along, she's got a natural artist inside her.  Her only bit of problem was with value, but I got out the value scale and I got her back on the right track.  I can't wait to see what she's got done when she comes back next week.

Lisa's working on a trout.  She found a great visual aid and next week when I see her she'll have it hooked, filleted and grilled. ha ha.

I got a request to design a series of fruit chair seats.  I was so pleased with the pear one I decided to hook it myself.

I also got the crazy idea to design a large kilim rug.  I've always liked kilims and have always wanted to do one.  I bought a book years ago filled with pictures of kilims.  I got it out and went through it noting the different motifs that interested me.  The one that really caught my attention was the motif they call "the goddess". I used it as a repeating theme across the entire rug.  To separate the bands of goddesses I made up a simple geometric band.  The border was just me playing and fitting something that I though would work.  The colors I chose to go in my home.  The rug is 32" x 78" so I'll be working on it for a while.  The one thing I really like is the strong graphic look that it has.

I think I'm mostly caught up now.  Thanks for reading.