Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing with tesselations

I bought some design software a while back and haven't really had time to experiment with it.  I have always done my designs the old fashioned way with pencil and paper.  For my geometrics I have employed graph paper. After drawing up the designs I would get out my colored pencils and work out a color plan. Recently my husband was looking for something to do so I pulled out some tesselation designs I had done on graph paper and gave them to him to translated into this software program. He succeeded in learn the nuances of this finicky software (so maybe now I won't have to) and was able to translate a lot of my designs.

I needed a break from the small pieces I'd been working on and decided to put one of the simple tesselation designs on my frame and have at it.  Though this is not really an original tesselation, it has been seen in Roman ruins and then quilts and probably elsewhere as well,  it is a simple but interesting one.

This is what I have gotten done so far...

Tesselation 1

To see some really cool tesselations go to the M. C. Escher website and click on Picture Gallery at the bottom of the left sidebar and then click on Symmetry.

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