Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Start of Alpaca background

I started the background, working my way from bottom to top, from the golden browns into the greens.  I created an angle to repeat the angle of the alpaca's chin. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Alpaca done, on to the background

I finished up the Alpaca and laid out what I'm going to do for the background.  I wanted to repeat the golden browns of the alpaca's fur in the background.  I also wanted to add in some greens and blue-greens.  My plan is to work these in from bottom to top.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Alpaca progress

Alpaca update. 

I sorted my strips into piles; whites, browns and greys.  I have a frame with a large working area that gives me lots of room to layout my strips close to my work.  This is very helpful in quickly picking out the right value. 

 A few tips for those of you hooking animals.

Hook in short strokes, no longer than the actual length of hair that your particular animal has.  For instance, when hooking a Boxer your strokes should be shorter than if you were to hook a Sheepdog.

Always hook in the direction that the fur grows. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

My latest furry endeavor

My time does just fly by.  I could have sworn I posted last only a couple of weeks ago but see that it has been a month!  Way overdue.

On to my latest endeavor.  I visited a local alpaca farm a few years back and took a lot of pictures.  Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer, but I did find one that I could work with. 

The alpacas had just been shaved and they looked SO naked.  This little guy just drew me in. What I found that I  couldn't pass up was how adorable he looked with just a wild tuft of hair on the top of his head!

I cropped the photo to my liking and enlarged it.  The piece will be 12" x 12" .  I went through my stash of cut strips and pulled out what I think will work.  I'm determined to use up some of my cut strips, I have a bin full! 

So, here's my photo and my pile of strips!  Stay tuned to see what happens.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A great resource

Today I want to share a wonderful resource I happened upon at our library's annual book sale.  It is a book by Mary MacCarthy titled "The Crafter's Pattern Sourcebook" .  The designs in this book include North and South American, Ancient Greek and Roman, Egyptian and African, Oriental, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Celtic and British, Northern European, and South Asian.

I found one from the Egyptian section I just had to hook.  Three fish and three lotus flowers make up this circular design.  I chose a color plan that I typically don't use.  I had a lot of fun working on this one, no shading, just outline and fill.  I enlarged the design to 20" and used a 4 cut as the motifs called for a smaller cut.

The photo is not the best, a bit washed out.  I couldn't quite manage to tweek it in photoshop just right to get the true color.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Some catching up. What I've been up to.

I've been really busy with life. Designing, color planning and dyeing wool for others and teaching doesn't leave me a lot of time to get pieces of my own done.  I'm not complaining as I do love to teach, and dye and design. There is also just general living tasks one must not neglect.  The everyday housework and eldercare tasks. As well as the business end of things. Yes, it's tax season again.

With all that said I have managed to get some projects done.

First, I decided to do another still life piece.  Here's the photo of my setup. 

And then the actual photo I worked from...
I didn't take any progress shots with this one.  Here's the final result.
That's it for today.  More to come.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

No Excuses. Just a new post.

Yep, it's been a long time.  No excuses.  I spent the spring doing a lot of teaching.  Summer came and August is upon us.  I did manage to get one new piece completed.    A bit about the piece.   One of  the ladies in our local guild has a sister who is a really great photographer and travels all over the world capturing amazing shots.   I asked for her permission to use her photo to hook this piece. (Sadly at this moment I can't recall her name) Thank you Jane's sister! The piece is "Leopard".  I loved how she was peering between the tree trunks. Trying to remain hidden from her prey perhaps?  Or maybe she was a bit timid and just wanted to keep a watchful eye on her stalker? 

Just a side note.  Since the creation of pinterest I have found my rugs pinned over and over and over.  Some with credit, some without.  Because of this I decided to start putting a watermark on all my posted photos so hopefully where ever they end up it will be known from where they came.