Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Landscape Vignette

I love digging into my leftovers and doing small vignettes and this week I did just that.

This piece was inspired on a walk in my neighborhood.  We have a walking trail that circles around a pond where there are several flowering cherry trees.  The trees now are barren as the cold winds have blown all the dead leaves off.  What I find interesting is the stockiness of these trees and the wide spread of the branches.
The wind was so cold the day I was out it made me think the snow will be here soon hence, I made this a wintery scene.

One of the things I love doing with a landscape is the gradation in the sky.  Skies start lighter on the horizon and darken as they go up.  This simple, gradual shift in value can make a big impact on a piece.  Imagine if I had simply hooked one value in the background.  Rather boring.

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