Thursday, September 5, 2013


I was asked recently by my mother-in-law to attach a sleeve to a rug I had hooked for her back in 1997.  She has recently moved and has no place in the new house to place the rug on the floor.  She does however have an expansive wall in the living room and she had nothing large enough to fill it.  Last week I put a sleeve on the back and yesterday we got it hung.  I realized I never did get a picture of it way back when I hooked it so I took one.

When I began rug hooking (back in the late 70's) this was typical of the types of rugs people were hooking.  Finely shaded flowers and scrolls were the norm and not too many people did original works.  This is a pattern designed by Jane McGown Flynn called Palace Scroll.  When my mother-in-law asked for the rug I was hoping she just wanted something small and/or wide cut.  No dice.  She wanted "a rug large enough to put in the guest bedroom in front of the dresser and with shaded flowers and scrolls."  This rug measures approximately 3" x 5' and is done with 3/32" strips.  It took me a good 6 months to complete.  The nice thing, she thoroughly enjoys it and appreciates the amount of time and effort that was put into it. 

Though I do love these types of designs, I enjoy doing animals much more and that's where I am some 30+ years later.

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