Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good progress on the rug and a bit of bird watching

Dad's getting better but in baby steps.  Still very tired and napping a lot.  While he's been napping I've been hooking away and watching the birds outside the kitchen window. 

The rug I'm working on is a project from teacher's workshop I acquired some years ago.  I pulled it out because it is very straight forward to hook.  I had gotten the horse hooked way back but hadn't decided what to do with the rest of it.  I had a lot of leftovers from other projects laying around and I wanted to get them used up.  I threw a bunch of medium to medium/dark values of blues and blue-greens into a pot and overdyed them with Prochem 401 to "marry" them together.  I've gotten a lot done in the past week.  It  helps that I'm using a #8 cut.  I'm thinking I may add a simple border. To me, it needs it to "set the rug down".  It seem to float a bit for me as it is.  I'll make a final judgement when I get the rest of the background hooked. 

I managed to get a picture of the male bluebird as well.  I guess I'm in my blue period. 

1 comment:

  1. I like the horse. I don't know that you need another border. The arcs may be enough when you finish them all. I guess it's wait and see.

    Hope your Dad is doing better.