Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Stressful Winter

It's been a long time since I've posted.  Things have been better.  We moved into our new house in mid November. Stress number one.  My dad became ill and ended up in the hospital the day before we closed. He was in for 6 days and they never did figure out what caused his problem.  After he got out I was traveling back and forth to his house twice a day to tend to him, a 40 mile round trip. Stress number two.  He eventually got better. Christmas was coming and I hadn't even thought about shopping.  Stress number three.  Last week dad started feeling lousy.  We got him to the doctor's who sent him for some tests.  The diagnosis is pneumonia.  He's on mega antibiotics and we pray he'll bounce back soon.  I'm staying with him to keep watch and make sure he eats and drinks something.  Stress number four.

 Enough of my problems.  The sun is shining today and the outlook is for some warmer weather.  The bluebirds are starting to nest in my dad's birdhouse.

 I did manage to design and put together a new applique pattern between Christmas and New Years.  Here it is... 

I also pulled out a rug I started a few years back and am working on that as dad sleeps.  It is a good stress relief to pull some loops.  I don't have a picture right now but will post one when I do.

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