Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Geometric

A year or so back I had taken a bunch of leftover wool and grouped them by value.  I then over dyed each group with a particular dye.  The lightest value grouping I over dyed with yellow-orange, the next with a yellow-green and on until the darkest value group I  over dyed with a violet.  I've already hooked two geometric rugs with this 'leftover' over dyed wool. 

This past week I started another geometric to try and use up more of this stash.

Stash of over-dyed woolens

start of new geometric

close up
I am planning this as I go, hooking in five different colored stripes in each 4" square as I go.  It is relaxing to do this type of design as it is very straight forward, a break from the animal pictorials I've done lately.  The only thing to be concerned with here is color balance and technique, hooking in straight rows requires really good technique.  If the loops aren't even it really shows in this type of design.

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  1. Very pretty. Sometimes something basic is a good exercise.