Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving on...

It's been a long time and for good reason.  We're moving!  I've packed up the studio, put it in a temporary local, (my dad's house) and we're in the midst of building a new house!  I'm very excited because in this new house I will have my studio, WITH dye work area all in the same space!!!  Here's the pictures of the progress!!!

The old studio, all emptied out :(

The new "Studio"/storage

Yes, as you can see, I'm 'living' my dream. 

the closet
Yes, it is full of wool too!

the temporary dye area, in the 100 degree plus heat...

the new studio!  so far
The builder has been making steady progress.  Though we are not schedule to get in until November I'm hoping it will be sooner.  In the meantime I am still filling orders as fast as I can.  Please be patient with me.
Thanks a bunch...

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