Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A bit of still life

I got back to some rug hooking today.  Just a bit, but it reminded me how much I truly love this craft.  A while back I took a painting class to sharpen my color skills and to have some fun.  In that class I had done a small still life of an apple wedge. From that painting I hooked this piece.

  It is one of my favorite pieces.  Ever since I had finished this apple piece I've been wanting to do some more small still life pieces.  Today I sketched and hooked a small pear piece.  I hooked it entirely from my bin of leftover strips which is so much fun!  Looking for the right value and color. A true treasure hunt.  I love the challenge of it!

Here's today's pear.  Obviously I still have the background to do but the pear is done!

I started a bit on the shadowing of the pear and the ground.  I'm thinking of using my favorite color scheme which is a split complement of Yellow-green (the pear) with blue-green (the ground) and then red for the upper background.  More later...

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