Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finished! (except for the framing)

Last Sunday PBS aired the Downton Abbey series 2 marathon.  I had never heard of this series.  I'm often in the dark about goings on.  Anyway... my husband and I are addicted.  So addicted that I went to Target and bought Downton Abbey series 1. We started watching one episode a night on Tuesday.  Tonight we see episode 3. We're trying to savor it bit by bit.  I can't wait. 

So the point of all this is, you ask?  Well, the beauty of rug hooking is that you can sit on the sofa and hook while watching the TV.  That is as long as what you are working on isn't too complicated, you can get a lot done.  Hence, I was able to get the background hooked in behind my sheep! Yeah! I did end up going with a blue-violet and I really like it. I shaded it from light to dark from the bottom to the top.  I think it adds a bit of drama.  After all art is about the drama, isn't it?  All that's left now is the lacing, matting and framing. 


  1. I have enjoyed watching the progression the the sheep and she has turned out beautifully. the background sets off her wool wonderfully. It is really nice to be able to work with some background distraction like that. I have a VERY old 13" color "portable" tv in the studio that I let ramble on next to me while I work. Sometimes the radio instead.

    We managed to find Downton Abbey by accident when the first season came out and really liked it. We enjoy looking at all of the architecture too. Those daughters are something else.

  2. Really beautiful work Karen! It's wonderful to see all the many values you used in her coat. What cut size did you use?

  3. Thanks. I used three different swatches cut with a #4 blade.