Monday, August 8, 2011

Black coffee with sugar please

Saturday was a raining day here, 4" of rain, not just a sprinkle.  As I sat and had my morning coffee I was thinking about what still life designs I could come up with.  I originally was thinking about fruits and vegetables.  But then I realized that we had little in the refrigerator.  I was not about to go grocery shopping in the pouring rain.  We'll just make do with what is in the pantry.  As I sat with my cup of coffee and my bowl of cereal, there's always cereal and milk in our house, I thought why not what is right in front of me.  That is how "Black coffee with sugar please"  came about.  I sketched up a design but then had to put it aside for some other things that needed getting done.  Sunday came and I pulled out my design, fiddled with it a bit, and then got it transferred to my linen backing.  I did a bit of the hooking but then had to go do other things.  I got back to it this morning and made good progress.  I'm not done yet but got a really good amount done.  Progress for now...

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  1. I know just how you feel Karen. I wanted to paint some vegetables yesterday but the larder was on the bare side. I had some of my own tomatos which were nicely not perfect but I didn't have anything to go with them to balance the picture. I finally went back out and pulled a couple of branches off of the tomato plants. Seemed to work okay. I really wanted a pepper though.