Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh my...

I've been busy.  The sudden realization that I have two shows to do this month got me moving.  One of my big gotta have favorite purchases are my ornaments.  When I went to take an inventory of how many I had on hand I got nervous I wasn't going to have enough.  So...frantically I've been working to make more.  I also thought since wearable art is in right now why not do some pins.  So I made a bunch of flower pins in an array of colors just right for wearing on the lapel of your fall jacket.

Here's a sampling...

Tomorrow I'm off to Winston-Salem for the Piedmont Craftsmen Fair. More info at:

Thanksgiving weekend I'm at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Fair in Raleigh.  Get more info at:


  1. Very pretty. Good luck at your shows. It is always a lot harder and more demanding than anyone who hasn't done one can know.

  2. I love your hooked pins!!! Wish I were in your area, I would be Christmas shopping---for moi!! :D